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MobileHelp Review

flag Plus an extra double discount when calling
  • No long-term contracts & 30-days free trial with activation

  • Landline-free protection via AT&T

  • Water-resistant & waterproof devices

  • Up to 30 hour back-up battery life

Pros & Cons

  • Two for the price of one option in Mobile Duo
  • US-based emergency call center certified by Security Industry Association
  • Medication reminders are helpful for those with lots of pills to take
  • Both cellular and landline protection options available
  • Activity tracking, caregiver tracking, and automatic fall detection
  • FDA certified company
  • Automatic fall detection costs an extra $10/month

Plans & Pricing

MobileHelp offers the following packages:

MobileHelp Classic

The classic package includes a cellular base station, medication reminders, MobileHelp Connect access, two-way voice and a monitoring service among other features. A monthly subscription costs $19.95, a quarterly subscription costs $90.61, a semi-annual subscription costs $164.72, and an annual one costs $239.40. There is no long-term contract or activation fee.

MobileHelp Wired Home

The MobileHelp Wired Home is a landline-based medical alert system. This ensures coverage even for those with spotty cellular signal where they live. It comes with a base station that features a help button and two-way speaker, as well as a button that can be worn on the wrist or as a pendant. The MobileHelp Wired Home has a 1,300 foot coverage area. You’ll receive a free lockbox and don’t need to worry about long-term contracts or activation fees. This plan costs $24.95/month with a monthly plan, $74.85 for a 3 month plan, $137.70 for a 6 month plan, or $275.40 for an annual plan.

MobileHelp Solo

The Solo package includes a mobile GPS device along with all of the classic package features apart from medication reminders and the cellular base station. You’ll get one help button, a free lockbox, and AT&T coverage for the device. No landline or cellular contract is necessary, and there are no activation fees or longterm contracts necessary. If you go for a monthly subscription, you will be charged $37.95 per month; if you go for an annual one, you will be charged $395.40 while quarterly and semi-annual subscriptions cost $104.85 and $197.70 respectively.

MobileHelp Duo

The MobileHelp Duo provides both in-home coverage as well as on-the-go coverage, so you’ll be protected wherever you are. It comes with a cellular in-home base station as well as a help button. This medical alert system features a two-way speaker so you can speak to the 100% US-based emergency response center. You can also add automatic fall detection if you’d like. You’ll receive a free lockbox with your order as well as free activation. No cellular contract, landline, or long-term contracts are required. The MobileHelp Duo costs $41.95 when paid for monthly, $119.85 with a quarterly plan, $221.70 for a semi-annual plan, or $443.40 for an annual plan.

Mobile Duo

The MobileDuo is a great choice for spouses or roommates, as it provides protection for two people. The duo package costs $44.95 on a monthly subscription, $128.85 on a quarterly one, $239.70 on a semi-annual one and $479.40 on an annual one. It includes a mobile GPS device and medication reminders along with all the classic package features. You can use it both at home or when you’re out and about, and no landline or cellular contracts are necessary. Instead, AT&T coverage is automatically included in the plan. The Mobile Duo is 100% waterproof, so it can be used in the shower, and it includes a two-way speaker. Users will also get a free lockbox with their order. Automatic fall detection can be added to the plan and like all MobileHelp plans, it comes with a 30-day risk-free trial.

MobileHelp Classic
MobileHelp Wired Home
MobileHelp Solo
MobileHelp Duo
Mobile Duo


As the name indicates, MobileHelp manufactures medical alert systems that keep you connected to the emergency response team no matter where you are. This FDA-certified company offers options for the home and on-the-go, and they provide landline and cellular-based plans. The Mobile Duo is an especially good option for couples or roommates since it provides protection for two people for the price of one. 


  • "Price"
    8.5 /10
  • "Features"
    9.5 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    9 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    8.5 /10

Features and Functionality

Cellular base station

The cellular base station includes an emergency, reset and test button. It also comes with a lighted display that shows date, temperature of the ambiance and date.

Landline-free protection

By making use of the cellular base station, MobileHelp solutions allow you to forego the need of a landline in order to be protected. The cellular coverage is offered via AT&T.

MobileHelp Connect

Using the online connect service, the specified caregivers can monitor a subject’s health and location. The standard package includes non-emergency alerts, system status alerts, location detection requests and emergency alerts.


Pricing Features

  • Equipment warranty
  • Free shipment

Medical reminders

Using the online connect portal, medical reminders can be set. The friendly reminders will then be given via the cellular base station.

Activity tracking

Customers can monitor their activity levels for days, weeks, months and years via the activity tracking service. Activity tracking features can also be accessed by authorized people other than the customers themselves. Authorized personnel also receive notifications in case any abnormal activity is detected.

Automated fall detection

MobileHelp offers fall detection via its fall button, which can be worn around your neck. The waterproof button needs to be within 350 feet of the mobile device and within 600 feet of the Duo or classic cellular systems to work.

MDLive Telemedicine

MobileHelp has a new special add-on that is an incredible bargain. For just $9.95 per month, you can have Telemedicine consults through MDLive added to your MobileHelp plan. This will allow you to consult with doctors about over 50 common medical issues via a mobile app on your phone, computer, or tablet. The $9.95 per month covers this service regardless of whether or not you have medical insurance.

Ease of Use

The device needs to be charged for about 3-4 hours before it can be used. Once turned on, the device registers itself with the network within 60 seconds. The devices have fast response times and they allow seamless and swift intra-device communication. Getting connected to the US-based emergency responders takes a single press of the button.

Customer support

On average, the company’s customer support team responds in a timely fashion to technical and billing questions. They can be reached via phone or via a contact form present on the website for sales and customer service inquiries. There is also a very convenient live chat option on their website. There is an FAQ section and blog on their website as well. Of course, for emergency support, all you have to do is press the help button.

  • 24/7 Help & Support
    Available 24/7 via MobileHelp System
  • Phone Support
    Customer support can be reached via phone.
  • Live Online Chat
    Live online chat is available
  • Email
    Email support is available.
  • Video Tutorials
    Plenty of video tutorials are available on the company’s YouTube channel.
  • FAQ
    A heavily detailed FAQ section is available on the company website.
  • Blog
    A blog is available on their website.

Final Word

MobileHelp is a well-known, reliable company that is registered with the FDA and has a 100% US-based emergency response center that’s certified by the Security Industry Association. They currently offer five plans, none of which lock you into long-term contracts or required activation fees. The Duo is particularly appealing since it provides protection for two individuals at once, allowing couples to feel more secure, even when one is out and the other is at home. Features like medication reminders, automatic fall detection, and caregiver tracking make this medical alert system a top choice.

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A great system

I received mine this week and was extremely pleased how easy it was to set up. This exactly what I needed and now I finally feel safer. This is the system you need.

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Questions & Answers

Lynda Swenson

Is there a watch instead of a necklace that has the fall detection on it?

Unfortunately, the watch does not come with fall detection.
Michael Mamola

I currently have a Life Station product. I’ve had it for nearly 4 yrs since my wife died. I’ve never been happy with the response time when pressing the button. Often, 18 to 20 rings before someone responds.I have no landline. Cell phone only which I call a “dumb” phone ( calls and texts only ). Not a “smart” phone. I’m paying $25 a month for service. Please advise how your system might be a better option for me. Again, I’m looking for improved response time.
Thank you

MobileHelp will has an average response time of 17 seconds. You do not need to have a landline or a smart phone to benefit from using their products. Their devices operate on cellular networks. Hope this helps!
C Hardigee

is at&t required for service?

AT&T is the cellular network included with your monitoring plan. You don't need to sign a contract with them or have AT&T as your mobile phone provider.

How long does it take for it to be delivered and installed?

Shipping time depends on which shipping method you choose. You can receive your medical alert system even the next day! You can install the Base Station yourself and do not have to call to test the system. Instead, there is a button to press for the test.
Jim Batt

mobilehelp says the fall response from the necklace has to be w/n 600′ of the set. i need something that travels w’o having to take the console everywhere i go. did i read that right? if i did that’s a deal breaker for me.

You may prefer the MobileHelp Solo instead of the MobileHelp Classic. The Solo is smaller and designed for people who are on the go. The Bay Alarm system, which is even smaller - it measures just 2.7 inches x 1.8 inches x 0.7 inches. You can read more about Bay Alarm here: .
Dorsey Gene Kimbrell

Does this work with Sprint mobile service?

AT&T is the cellular network used for the monitoring service but you don't sign a contract with AT&T and it has nothing to do with your phone service. You can continue to use Sprint or any other phone provider you like for your cell phone.
James Healy

Does your mobile help system have any features to assist the deaf or hard of hearing?

MobileHelp has a volume button so the heard of hearing can increase the volume on the speaker as needed. If they cannot hear or do not reply to the responder when they activate the emergency alert, the responder is trained to assume the situation is an emergency and dispatch help.

If my mother’s neighborhood does not get good AT&T reception then this is not the product for her, right? She had to switch to Verizon for that reason.

Correct. You may want to check Bay Alarm Medical ( which offers a landline plan, in which case you won't need to rely on AT&T.
Michael Freeman

Do you have a product that works wherever the patient is located?

The MobileHelp Solo is intended for people on the go, since it is lightweight and works at home as well as away from home. It also has GPS technology. It works where there is AT&T coverage.

If the device stops working thru no fault on my part is there a charge for a replacement and how long does it take to get a new one. How long do the devices work does it need to be replaced often, is there a price guarantee or does the price often increase

The device is essentially loaned to you as part of the MobileHelp service. If you decide to stop your MobileHelp subscription, the device would be returned to MobileHelp. According to MobileHelp's terms and conditions on their website, "Company, in its sole discretion, may repair or replace the leased System if it becomes damaged or is defective, unless the System has previously been disassembled, repaired or modified by someone other than us or our authorized service representative or the System has been damaged as a result of the negligence or misconduct by any person other than us or our authorized service representative." If you take the device apart or damage it by mistreating it, then you can be charged for it.  Prices for the plan is generally consistent, but you can choose to lock yourself into a certain price if you sign up for a longer plan.

Does this work outside the home, like when walking the dog?

Yes, it will work outside, any place where there is AT&T coverage. It even has GPS location technology so you can easily be found if you need help but can't specify your location.
Judy Buhrman

Do you need to sign a contract with your system? If you fall in the backyard will the device automatically call for help.

You don't need to sign a long-term contract -- you can choose a 1-month contract. There is also a risk-free 30 day trial period. There are no activation fees, and you don't need to sign a cellular contract when you choose MobileHelp.

MobileHelp works outside the home, as long as it is within the AT&T coverage area (most of the US is covered). There is even GPS technology so help can find you if you are unable to report your location. The automatic fall detection will alert an emergency operator to send help.

what color is the necklace?

The MobileHelp pendant is white with a gray button in the center. They also have a watch available, if you prefer that look. You can see images of all of their products on their website -- click here.

why can’t I read the reviews?

Currently, no users have submitted their own reviews of MobileHelp. The entire article above, however, is actually a review of MobileHelp, complete with ratings for price, features, ease of use, and customer support.
Kathy M Edwards

If I wanted to add the automatic fall detection button for $10 additional per month on the MobileHelp Solo, does that button get added to same light weight necklace that came with the unit or does the light weight necklace get replaced with a larger heavier necklace?

The same pendant is used.
Donald Spiegel

I live alone. I keep my doors locked.. Do you supply a lockbox so that emergency person can enter the house?

You should consider MedicalAlert and Medical Care Alert, both of which are currently offering free lockboxes.
Daphne Dalbey

what if the person needing this device, doesn’t have a cell phone, or internet at their home.

You do not need a cell phone contract to use MobileHelp. It will work wherever there is AT&T coverage, and the AT&T connection is included in the plan.
Sara Achord

Does a lockbox come w/order of Mobile Help watch? Otherwise, how does the person in distress
get help?

Yes, it comes with a free lockbox.
Art Denon

Can you create a zoning alert. IE: If an elderly person leaves a designated area or wonders outside we would receive an alert on our phone?

Do you have an APP I can use fro tracking?

MobileHelp offers online tools, which you can also access from your smartphone, which will allow you to track your loved one's activity and location. LifeStation and Medical Alert brands also offer apps for caregivers.

If you would like an alarm to sound when your loved one wanders outside, you may want to consider a home security system which you can connect to your phone to receive alerts.
raymond gregory

what if there is no cell service in the area? zip32112 florida

This service only works where there is AT&T coverage available. You can check for coverage on AT&T's website ( For the zip code that you provided, there is AT&T coverage so MobileHelp will work there.
Janet Lacy

My husband and myself both need emergency alert systems. We need option without landline. I notice the information says 2 for 1 so would like a price including that.

The MobileHelp Duo is $41.95 per month currently, though you may want to add on additional features. Click "Visit Site" or "Get a Quote" to receive a personalized price quote.

Will MobileHelp still work if there is a power outage?

Yes, the base station will work for about 30 hours.

Are MobileHelp devices really waterproof?

Yes, you can wear the neck pendant, fall button, and wrist button in the shower and bath, although you’re not supposed to submerge them underwater for long periods of time. The base station and wall button are not waterproof.
Sherrill Signorino

At what depth of water is this viable and for how many minutes?

The Neck Pendant, Wrist Button and Fall Button by MobileHelp are all waterproof and can be worn in the shower as well as in the bath.  That being said, they aren't designed to be exposed to water or submerged for a prolonged time period.


You'll need to contact Medicare directly to see if they'll cover your medical alert system and if so, which ones.
Barbara Park

Is this covered by Medicaid?

You need to check with Medicaid to see whether they will cover a medical alert system for you.
David Chang

I have AT&T wireless service. I am considering getting this device for my mom who is very low tech. Will I get the warning on my phone when she presses the alert button?

You can use the MobileHelp Connect online system/app to list yourself as an authorized caregiver for your mom and adjust the notification settings so that you'll receive a notification should she press the button (in addition, of course, to the operator being called). Also, if she leaves the house, you can have access to see where she is via GPS (if she is wearing the medical alert system when she goes out).
Barbara Began

You have a nice rating but, I didn;t see any number for how many people rated this system. How many years have you been in business?

MobileHelp has been in business since 2006.

How long is the battery life?

The battery on the neck pendant or wrist button typically lasts 5 years. The battery on the base station lasts more than 30 hours before it needs to be recharged. The battery on the mobile device will last over 24 hours before it needs to be recharged.
T.R. Steinheimer

Is the MobileHelpDuo water proof ? Can It be worn in the shower without failure ? Is it the best choice for 24-hour coverage for an active husband-and wife couple in their 80’s ?

The button is waterproof and is designed to be worn even in the shower. The base station, however, should not be taken into the shower with you. It would be a good choice for an active couple since it has the mobile unit with GPS technology that protects you even on the go!

Does this system require internet service

No, internet service is not required.
Jill Monacelli

I’m looking for a mobile device that can be worn as a necklace or bracelet with fall detection and GPS. Does the Solo fit those requirements? it looks like some of the other devices with GPS are only buttons that you have to carry so I wanted to double check.

Yes, the MobileHelp Solo can be worn as a pendant or bracelet and you can add automatic fall detection to it. It already comes with GPS.
Bonnie Burroughs

What good is this system if the watch or pendant lack the fall alert feature in the bath or shower??

MobileHelp's fall alert button does indeed work in the shower and bath. It is designed to be worn at all times as they are waterproof.
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