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Do you have a question about medical alert systems? Below, you'll find some of the most common questions regarding medical alert systems and services, along with their answers.
Who does the medical alert contact if there is an emergency?
Do medical alerts work in rural areas?
Can I wear a medical alert in the shower or bath?
Will the medical alert work from anywhere in the house?
How often should I test my medical alert?
What happens if I accidentally push the medical alert button?
Can I request that the medical alert contact a relative instead of an emergency responder?
How do I install a medical alert at home?
What is the battery life for a medical alert?
Can I bring my medical alert with me if I move?
Can more than one person use a single medical alert?
Are medical alerts covered by Medicare?
Will a medical alert interfere with my pacemaker?
Do I need a cell phone to use a medical alert?
How long are medical alert contracts?
Can I travel with a medical alert?
Does someone come to install the medical alert system?
Will my medical alert work if the power goes out?
How loud is the medical alert?
How will paramedics enter my home?
Are medical alert services available in languages other than English?
How does automatic fall detection work?
What happens if something is wrong with the equipment?
What happens if I can’t hear or speak?
How much does a medical alert system cost?
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Questions & Answers

Fred Stammer

Does Medicare cover any of the cost?


Does the alert system detect if the patient is unconscious or unresponsive and not able to push a button?

The automatic fall alert doesn't detect whether someone is unconscious or unresponsive, but will automatically send for help should it detect a fall.
Brenda Caswell

You mentioned that there is a lockbox, I assume the key to the house is inside. How does the responder know the code to open the lockbox? Would my mother tell them at the time of need or do you keep it on file?

Yes, the medical alert team will help the paramedics access the lockbox.
Judith Klingensmith

I would like to have a bracelet button instead of my current button and lanyard. How is that accomplished?

Dear Judith,
We suggest contacting your current provider to sort this matter, as they probably offer different devices.
clyde woolery

we get alot of junk phone calls so dont always answer the phone can you give me a list of numbers that would call if there was a problem

Dear Clyde,

At Top5 Medical Alert Systems we only recommend services, but for brand-specific questions such as this, we recommend you contact your service provider.
justino gonzalez

my father don’t speak English, only in Spanish so how he get help in case of a accident

Many of the medical alert service brands offer bilingual (English and Spanish) emergency response operators, including MobileHelp. Additionally, many brands have translation services so they can offer help in dozens of languages. For example, MedicalAlert has real-time language translation into 140 languages.
James E Jackson

does VA provide this service

In certain circumstances, it is possible that the VA might help cover your medical alert service. You should speak to your VA representative directly.
Cheryl-Leigh Neary

We tried a medical alert system for my mother, who lives in the northern part of New Hampshire and has a metal roof. This is now a MAJOR concern for us because it inferred with the ability of the device to work. Are there any companies who have equipment that it will not interfere with.

Dear Cheryl,

This seems to be a particular issue. First, let us suggest you call the current provider and try to sort the matter. In case they offer no help, try checking with other providers prior to switching to a different one.

Do have a flashlight on it because I’m deaf wheelchair user and I have deaf caregivers work with me daily

Dear Kristin,

Most systems include visual alerts as well as auditory. Make sure your preferred device does include visual aid before your purchase.
Top5 Medical Alert Systems
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