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  • At-home, on-the-go & fall detection
  • Equipment range of 1300 feet
  • Medication reminders & location tracking
  • Spouses protected for free
8 /10
Professional monitoring
30 days
  • author: Amy Sullvian
  • 04.06.18
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  • "Price"
    8.5 /10
  • "Features"
    8.5 /10
  • "Ease of USe"
    9 /10
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LifeFone has been in the medical alert system business since 1976 and is still providing one of the best services in the market. They have a versatile list of products that get installed within minutes and provide instant hands-free communication during times of need.

Plans & Pricing

LifeFone’s products can be divided into two categories: at home and on-the-go.

At home landline

This solution only works with the installed landline within your home. It costs $24.95 per month and is billed annually. It boasts an exceptional range of 1300 ft. (from the base unit), comes with 32 hours of battery life, a waterproof pendant, and a lifetime price guarantee.

At home cellular

This package is perfect for people that have no landline at their homes. It costs $30.95 and has a range of 1300 ft. from the base unit. Apart from using cellular instead of a landline, it’s exactly similar to the landline package.

At home and on-the-go

This package costs $36.95 per month and works anywhere in the U.S. It has a range of 600 ft. from the base station and 350 ft. from the mobile unit. The base unit has a battery life of 30 hours and the mobile unit can run on a charge for 24 hours.

At home and on-the-go voice in pendant system

The voice in pendant system works anywhere via GPS. It has a battery life of up to 30 days and is priced at $39.99 per month.

All the aforementioned packages come with a lifetime price guarantee, a 30-day-free trial, and the possibility to cancel at any time.

At home landline
 $24.95 monthly
At home cellular
 $30.95 monthly
At home and on-the-go
 $36.95 monthly
At home and on-the-go voice in pendant system
 $39.99 monthly

Features and Functionality

24/7 monitoring

It doesn’t matter whether a fire has broken out within your house or you are having trouble breathing, you can contact the helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any kind of emergency.

Waterproof and lightweight

The help pendant (or wristband) is completely waterproof which means that you can wear it within the bathtub or the shower or the swimming pool. It’s also really lightweight which makes it easy to be carried around.

Unlimited emergency notifications

Unlike their counterparts, LifeFone allows you to add as many emergency contacts as possible. The said contacts will be notified in case you face an emergency.

Lifetime equipment and price guarantee

This is another feature that offers Lifefone a strong competitive advantage over their counterparts. They offer lifetime price and equipment guarantee which means that you can be sure that you won’t go wrong with your investment.

Remote phone answering

Imagine being in your bedroom when the landline starts ringing downstairs. You no longer have to rush towards it because by using your help pendant or wristband, you can simply press a button and answer the call.

Temperature detector

The pendant is also capable of detecting the rise and/or fall in your body temperature which is a really special feature not all of LifeFone’s competitors offer.

Fall detection (optional)

All of LifeFone’s packages come with the option to add fall detection to the mix. The range of the fall detection sensor will be 1300 ft. from the base unit and it will only cost either $5 or $10 depending on the subscribed package. It is recommended to take this option as statistically so many elderly people do injure themselves from falls every year.

Works while charging

A vast majority of the voice-in-pendant systems offered by other companies don’t work while charging but LifeFone has set the usability bar quite high by making the devices intelligent enough to work even while they are on charge.

Ease of Use

Installing LifeFone is as easy as plugging the device into the socket and turning it on. Within a few seconds and after momentary flashing of a blue light, the base station will inform (via a digital voice) that the device is all set up. With the single press of a button, you get connected to an emergency responder within 45-50 seconds.

Pros & Cons

  • Lifetime price guarantee
  • Lifetime equipment guarantee
  • 30-day-free trial
  • Simple installation and setup
  • Loud and clear two-way communication
  • No live chat support on site (though email & phone support are available)

Customer support

LifeFone offers considerably appreciable customer support. Their support team is available 24/7 via phone and they can also offer tech support. A FAQ section is also available on the company website along with a blog. If you want visual help, you will find it on the company’s YouTube channel.

  • 24/7 Help & Support
    Loud and clear two-way communication
  • Phone Support
    The company officials can be reached via phone.
  • Email
    The company staff can be reached via email.
  • Video Tutorials
    There are a few video tutorials available on the company’s YouTube channel.
  • FAQ
    A FAQ section is present on the company website.
  • Blog
    The company also maintains an online blog

Final Word

LifeFone has been striving to provide people in need with necessary emergency protection for over 4 decades now. Their solutions have grown over the years and they are still more than capable of competing with their modern counterparts. With lifetime price and equipment guarantees, you can be absolutely certain that your investment is going to stay secure.

Amy Sullvian

Amy has been working in the medical field since she qualified as a paramedic. She now works as a private consultant in geriatrics. She is a regular contributor to medical magazines and is currently working on a book dealing with geriatrics.

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Questions & Answers


Does LifeFone offer a discount for spouses?

Yes, LifeFone will protect spouses for free.

How close do I need to be to the base station for LifeFone to work?

LifeFone has a 1,300-foot range.

Can I use LifeFone in the shower?

Yes, LifeFone’s help button is waterproof.

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