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  • author: Amy Sullvian
  • 23.10.18
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    8.5 /10
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Medical Alert by Connect America is one of the nation’s largest providers of personal medical alert systems. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers, Medical Alert is used by hospitals and other healthcare organizations throughout the country due to its variety of features: affordability, easy set-up, money-back guarantee, smartphone app, GPS, and device options.


Plans & Pricing

Medical Alert offers a full suite of affordable, easy-to-use systems designed to keep you or your loved one safe at home and on the go.

At Home System with Landline

With this affordable plan, you get a base unit that integrates directly with your landline, a wearable emergency wrist and neck pendant, 24/7 protection, and two-way speaker. Pricing is as follows:

  • $18.29/month with an annual subscription
  • $19.95/month with a semi-annual subscription
  • $22.95/ month with a monthly subscription

At Home System without Landline

This plan features a base unit that plugs directly into an outlet, a wearable emergency wrist and neck pendant, 24/7 protection, and two-way speaker communication. This package doesn’t require a landline or a big budget. The prices are:

  • $27.45/month with an annual subscription
  • $29.95/month with a semi-annual subscription
  • $32.95/month with a monthly subscription

On the Go System: MobileElite

Perfect for those seeking total independence, this package includes a handheld device and carrying case, lightweight wearable emergency wrist and neck pendants with a help button, and GPS location tracking. With MobileElite, you’ll always feel safe, from the shower to the supermarket. Plan pricing is:

  • $32.04/month with an annual subscription
  • $34.95/month with a semi-annual subscription
  • $37.95/month with a monthly subscription

On The Go – Lite

Medical Alert is now offering a new product called the On The Go – Lite. This ultra-lightweight mobile model is an all-in-one system. It’s one pendant button that incorporates a two-way speaker. It requires neither cellphone or landline to operate and features GPS technology so that help can always find you. Automatic fall detection can be added as well. Note that this product is not available to order online – only by phone. It’s available for $34.95 per month.


At home landline
At home no landline
On the go
On the go - Lite

Features and Functionality

Options for every lifestyle

Whether you’re seeking security in the comfort of your own home or you‘re looking to support your or your loved one’s on-the-go lifestyle, Medical Alert has you covered.

With all of Medical Alert’s products, a simple push of a button connects you instantly to a trained operator who assesses your situation and immediately sends the help you need. So whether you’ve suffered a serious injury or just want to notify a caretaker of your whereabouts, help is standing by.

At home systems

With a two-way speakerphone alarm base that works with or without a landline and a water-resistant wrist and neck pendants, Medical Alert’s at home systems help you feel safer than ever. Just press the help button on any device, and an operator will respond immediately.

Landline-free protection

Rest assured you’ll get the help you need wherever you go with a handheld mobile device, water-resistant wrist and neck pendants, carrying case, charging cradle, and charging cord. Just press the help button on any of the devices to reach a trained operator.

Automatic fall detection

An essential for seniors, this invaluable feature ensures an emergency responder is immediately notified if you fall – even if you can’t press your button.

Smart phone monitoring for caregivers

Medical Alert has a helpful smart phone app that uses GPS monitoring to track your whereabouts. This means you maintain your independence while ensuring your loved ones have the ultimate peace of mind that you’re safe wherever you go.

24/7 response center

Operators are available day or night, and you’ll never wait long for a response. All emergency responders are specially trained, and your safety is their priority.

Waterproof wearables

Since many falls happen in the shower, Medical Alert’s pendants and fall detection buttons are all waterproof, which means you’ll stay safe in the shower, bath, and even the pool.

Total dependability

When time is of the essence, you need crystal clear two-way communication with an operator. In addition, you’ll get reliable cellular connectivity and battery backup for power outage protection.

Money-back guarantee

If for some reason you aren’t 100% satisfied with your Mobile Alert product, you can cancel your plan any time. If you cancel within 30 days, you’ll get a full refund.

Ease of Use

Customers rave about how easy Medical Alert’s products are to use. Set up is a breeze thanks to the simple step-by-step instructions included with your shipment. Using the neck or wrist devices couldn’t be easier. Simply press your help button, and a highly trained operator will respond immediately.

Pros & Cons

  • At home & on-the-go packages
  • Reliable products with battery backup
  • Affordable options for every budget
  • Fast response times
  • Easy to set up and use
  • No fitness tracking

Customer support

Medical Alert understands that emergencies don’t just happen during normal business hours. That’s why emergency responders are available 24/7. Whether you’re experiencing a medical emergency, fire, or break-in, someone is always standing by to help.

And for those with questions about the products and services, they’ve got email and phone support teams, plus tons of helpful how-to video tutorials. There is also a comprehensive FAQ section on the website.


  • 24/7 Help & Support
    The company’s agents can be reached at any time.
  • Phone Support
    The emergency responders and the sales team can both be reached via phone.
  • Email
    You can also email the company for support or answers.
  • Video Tutorials
    A few videos are present on the company’s YouTube channel.
  • FAQ
    A FAQ section is also present on the company website.

Final Word

With affordable options to suit every lifestyle, a superior support team available 24/7, and a full money-back guarantee, it’s no wonder Medical Alert is one of the leading independent providers of emergency medical alert systems. Enjoy the independence you love and the security you need knowing that help is always just a button push away.


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Amy Sullvian

Amy has been working in the medical field since she qualified as a paramedic. She now works as a private consultant in geriatrics. She is a regular contributor to medical magazines and is currently working on a book dealing with geriatrics.

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Questions & Answers

dorothy fevelo

is there a charge for accidentally setting off the alarm?

The user would be responsible for any potential fees associated with emergency personnel being dispatched, even if it was a false alarm.
Amy Sullivan

The unit that integrates with the landline: The person is outside a lot. There is about an acre of land here. What is the range for device? If there should be an emergency on the far end of their property. About 250 feet

The landline device should work for distances up to about a football field length, or around 360 feet.

What carrier is used? We have a system that uses AT&T, but doesn’t work inside the house, because there aren’t any AT&T towers near by

Medical Alert uses AT&T 3G Network for its mobile unit. If your concern is limited to inside the house, there is a standard option that uses a landline instead of AT&T.
david marrs

What is the cost of the base equipment that must be installed in the home?

You're essentially renting the equipment and need to return it at the end of your contract. If you don't return it or return it in poor condition, it costs $350.

Our Family and Church Family is quite large, is there a limit to how many people can use this GPS app once it is all set up?

Each person who wants to be covered by the GPS medical alert should have their own.
Morton Stahl

Can I suspend my service for several months while I’m out of the country?

MedicalAlert does not have any long-term contracts, and they allow you to cancel at any time. However, you will still be charged a fee until you return their equipment. You should contact MedicalAlert directly to determine whether it would make more sense for you to return the equipment now and re-install it in several months, or if you should keep the equipment while you're traveling. You can find their phone number here.

My wife has a stomach and can’t project her voice, if she can talk at all. What do you provide for mute people?

You can provide her medical background to the Medical Alert service and request they send help when she pushes the button since she cannot talk.

Is fall detection automatically included with MedicalAlert?

Like other medical alerts, MedicalAlert devices include fall detection capabilities but you have to subscribe for this feature in order to activate it.

Can MedicalAlert contact my friend or relative instead of sending an ambulance?

Depending on what your situation is, MedicalAlert can contact a relative or neighbor for you. If it is an emergency, however, they will dispatch an ambulance or police.

Do I need a landline to use MedicalAlert?

MedicalAlert has options for people with and without landlines.
Louis Rubin

Does a pacemaker interfere with your device

We recommend speaking with your doctor who is familiar with your pacemaker to ensure it can work with a medical alert device.

can the wrist button call the local emergency service instead of being connected to a person with your company?

The button connects you to the operating center and they determine what type of help you need and send the appropriate aid. This could be the local paramedics, fire department, or even a neighbor or family member (if you've given permission to share this information first).
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