Medical Alert Systems - Where to Start Your Search?

Emergencies can’t be avoided, but their repercussions can be prevented. Medical alert systems, also known as emergency response systems, are modern devices that notify first responders whenever a user needs immediate attention. These devices include fall detectors with a button connected to an emergency response system, serving as lifesavers for the elderly and disabled who are at risk. When looking for the best medical alert system, it’s important to compare systems to ensure you get one that serves your needs.

How it works

Almost all medical alert systems come with a button that can be pushed during an incident, such as a fall, to get connected to the emergency response center. Other emergencies include medical problems, fires, and floods. The emergency button can be in the form of a neck pendant or a wristband. A base station normally accompanies the help button and acts as the central hub for all distress calls. It’s all connected to an off-site emergency response system. Some modern medical alert systems also use cellular services to offer landline-free protection. Some also integrate with your mobile device’s GPS to offer on-the-go protection.

Around 20,000 people die from unintentional falls every year, and in order to prevent fatalities, many of the top medical alert solutions come with automated fall detection features. These fall detectors are one the major reasons such medical alert systems exist. These devices are able to detect when a person has fallen and automatically notifies the emergency responder that a fall has occurred.

Medical Alert Systems - Where to Start Your Search?

The benefits of using a medical alert system

A medical alert system can not only make elderly people more independent and carefree, they can also give their loved ones the peace of mind they always wanted. Here are some other advantages that they offer:

Get instant attention

When it comes to medical emergencies, sometimes if you don’t get instant attention, the consequences can be fatal. By having a medical alert bracelet at your disposal at all times, you can ensure that you get the undivided, instant attention of the emergency responder before its too late.

Notify close relatives

Most medical alert systems come equipped with a feature that notifies your loved ones as soon as an emergency occurs. If any abnormal pattern is detected in your health or activity levels, the system alerts your emergency contacts as well.

Caregiver tracking

The most sophisticated medical alert solutions give your caregivers (friends and family etc.) the ability to track your health and location via easy-to-use online portals and mobile applications. This ensures that even if a user leaves the house without notifying anyone, their loved ones can know exactly where they are.

Travel safe

In the past, traveling seemed like a difficult and dangerous job for the elderly. Now, with the advent of modern emergency systems providing on-the-go medical protection, you can travel without having a care in the world.

How to choose the perfect medical alert system

At this stage, we can safely state that the importance of medical systems can’t be undermined, however, how should you go about choosing one? Here are a few things that you should consider when you decide to compare medical alert systems so that you can find the best medical alert system for you.

Two-way voice

One of the most basic features that should be present in the medical alert system you choose is high quality two-way voice. The only way a needy person can get immediate help is if they can stay in contact with the emergency responder without having to use their hands.

Call button within the console

The main console of the system should also contain a call button which can come in handy in case a user has misplaced the help button.

Waterproof help buttons

The help button should, at all costs, be waterproof and durable. This allows the user to wear them during showering and while using the bathtub, two common places where elderly people tend to fall.

24/7 monitoring

All of the leading medical alert systems come with 24/7 monitoring which ensures that a user stays protected throughout the day and the night. An emergency can happen at any time so make sure that you double check this feature with the company prior to purchasing.

Medical Alert Systems - Where to Start Your Search?

Medication reminders

Some state-of-the-art life alert solutions give you the ability to add medication reminders into your consoles. These reminders ensure that a user takes all their medicine at the prescribed times.

Battery life

In case of a power outage, the medical alert system you buy should be able to hold a charge for a substantial amount of time. A good benchmark for battery life would be between 30-35 hours.

Fall detection

Many people develop serious injuries from unintentional falls every year and that’s why it’s important that your medical alert system comes with fall detection features. For most solutions, you might have to pay some extra money to get this as an add-on but it’s definitely worth the investment.


We all want to be free of medical emergency worries and a top medical alert system can help us do just that. With features like caregiver tracking and automated fall detection, the modern life alert systems are capable of giving independence to the elderly and disabled. Compare medical alert systems and find the best medical alert system for you.

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