UnaliWear Kanega Watch Review

flag Recommended by the NY times
  • 3 way help: voice, button & fall detection

  • Ready for use out of the box

  • Safety at home & on-the-go

  • GPS location assistance - never lose touch

Pros & Cons

  • Auto fall detection with artificial intelligence
  • No pendant or cellphone/base station pairing required
  • Discreet, fully functional watch with optimum readability for people with vision problems
  • Not functional for use outside the US
  • Trial period requires purchasing a monthly or annual plan

Plans & Pricing

The Kanega Watch is an all-in-one, discreet device that is easy to use and benefit from on a daily basis.  The time and date display on the watch is in large, easy-to-read type, making it a great choice even for those with poor eyesight. It does not require a phone, pendant or base unit, and can be worn 24/7, even while charging and bathing. The device itself costs is $199 and is a one-time purchase.

For full functionality, the Kanega Watch requires a monitoring service, which costs $59.95 monthly with an annual plan. If you choose to pay for 3 months instead of selecting the annual contract, the cost is $69.95 per month and the price of the watch jumps to $299.

In other words, you save a lot of money if you choose the annual plan!

The monitoring package includes:

  • 24/7/365 US-based emergency response operators who know the wearer’s name, address, GPS location, and emergency contacts.
  • Automatic fall detection is included (most companies charge extra for this service)
  • Voice and/or button control
  • Medication reminders are included (other companies typically charge an extra fee for this)
  • Personalized emergency response system that connects the user to an ambulance, fire, police, family member, or neighbor.

There are no contracts required, and furthermore, users can cancel at any time. Users will receive a pro-rated refund for unused months. It should be noted that the return rate for the Kanega Watch is less than 5%, meaning that users tend to be quite happy with their decision in choosing the Kanega Watch.

Annual Plan
$59.95/mo. +$199/watch
Quarterly Plan
$69.95/mo. + $299/watch


UnaliWear was established in 2015 to offer a medical device that assists users in medical emergencies without the need for that user to wear a bulky and stigmatizing pendant. UnaliWear’s offering, the Kanega Watch, is a voice-activated smart watch with the ability to connect to a live emergency operator in seconds. The idea for the Kanega Watch came from UnaliWear’s founder, who has decades of experience in the tech industry, and her worries about her mother’s wellbeing. She wanted to help her mother age in place and extend her independence with dignity.

The Kanega Watch was designed to provide a discreet response to all emergencies while at the same time combining incredible ease of use. There is 24/7 coverage since you never have to take it off, even to charge, and it is simple to activate. In fact, you can connect to a round-the-clock trained care specialist via voice, button, or auto fall detection.


  • "Price"
    8 /10
  • "Features"
    9 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    9 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    8 /10

Features and Functionality

Wireless Connection

The monitoring system is integrated right into the watch, and it utilizes Wi-Fi, LTE, and GPS wireless technologies to have a constant connection to the emergency response team.

Voice Controlled

While users can press a button on the watch to connect to an emergency response operator, that’s not the only option. The Kanega Watch can also respond to voice commands! This makes it even easier to use.

Fall Detection

Additionally, the Kanega Watch has an automatic fall detector that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to identify when the user has moved in a way that is not typical. Over time, AI technology learns more about how the user moves and becomes more precise at identifying actual falls. This helps to prevent false alarms, which can often become a reason why users stop wearing other devices with automatic fall detection.

24/7 Monitoring

Emergency response teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and, once engaged by the user or via the automatic fall detection system, they have access to the user’s name, location, medical history (including medications ), and emergency contact information in case the user is unable to speak at the time of the emergency. These specialists are trained to assess the situation so that they can arrange the appropriate response whether it is contacting 911 or the user’s neighbor.

Medication Reminders

The Kanega Watch also includes medication reminders to help users stay on top of taking their medications. Enter the Kanega Watch Wearer Portal to add your medications and reminder times. You’ll then receive a clear notification on your watch at the assigned time to remind you to take your meds.


Another useful feature is that it can be worn 24/7, even in the shower. This gives users and their loved ones the peace of mind that they will have emergency support all day long.

No Need to Charge

You also don’t need to remove your watch to charge the battery for hours at a time. Instead, your Kanega Watch will remind you when it’s time to change the battery, which only takes a minute. The batteries are built into the watch strap so they can be easily replaced with the extra set of rechargeable batteries that come with your watch. This is a great advantage over other medical alert systems, where the user may be without the alert for the duration of the time it takes to charge.

Ease of Use

The Kanega Watch is an all-in-one device, meaning that it doesn’t require a base, phone, or pendant to work. When the user signs up, UnaliWear’s customer success team inputs user and emergency contact information into the database so that emergency response teams can identify and locate users when they need medical assistance.

The Kanega Watch doesn’t require professional installation. It arrives pre-customized even with the wearer’s WiFi info, so it literally starts working straight out of the box. Once it arrives, users can refer to the Quick Start Guide or User Guide, which is available in a big print option, to get started right away.

Customer support

UnaliWear’s customer success team is available for non-emergency questions via phone or email. The website also has a chat system with live agents available during business hours to answer any questions about the product or service.

The website offers free downloadable education materials including a quick start guide, a user guide, a user guide in big print, and support videos.

  • 24/7 Help & Support
    Non-medical customer support is available during business hours via phone or email, but emergency medical support is available 24/7 via the Kanega Watch.
  • Phone Support
    You can reach contact UnaliWear customer support by phone at +1-888-343-1513, ext. 1.
  • Live Online Chat
    The UnaliWear website has integrated live chat support with live agents.
  • Email
    You can reach UnaliWear customer support by email at community@unaliwear.com.
  • Video Tutorials
    You can access video tutorials through their website or through their YouTube channel.
  • FAQ
    You can access the FAQ section through the support page of the website.
  • Blog
    There is no blog, but you can sign up for the monthly newsletter on the company's website.

Final Word

The Kanega Watch is a brand-new spin on traditional medical monitoring systems that give the user confidence through its functional and discreet design. Additionally, the Kanega Watch gives peace of mind thanks to the easy access it provides to 24/7 emergency response operators.

The Kanega Watch does a great job of understanding seniors, their desires, and their needs so that they will be happy wearing the watch constantly. This increases the likelihood that users will utilize the watch and its features appropriately to keep themselves or their loved ones safe in case of emergencies.

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Questions & Answers

Laura Jones

Why is the Kanega Watch better than a cell phone in emergencies?

Cellphone’s require a user to initiate the call, which is often difficult impossible during emergencies. When calling 911, the operator doesn’t have any information about the caller, their location or emergency contact information. The Kanega Watch includes a monitoring service where specialized operators have all the information about the user and their emergency contact information, in addition to access to their GPS location at the time of the emergency. The call can be initiated by automatic fall detection as well as by voice or button activation by the user
Darrel W.

Do I have to sign a wireless or cell service contract?

No. The Kanega Watch monitoring service includes cellular and GPS connectivity. WiFi access in the home is required to augment connectivity.
N.C. Samish

1) How often must the batteries be recharged?
2) The device depends on cell phone coverage., correct?


  1. The watch works on replaceable batteries rather than a built-in battery, so you never have to take it off except for when you have to switch to new batteries.

  2. The device does indeed depend on your cellular coverage. Nonetheless, as stated on their website: The Kanega Watch is a standalone device with built-in Wi-Fi and LTE technologies.


Does the Kanega Watch only work in certain places?

The Kanega Watch will continue to work wherever you go with the US. The Kanega Watch extends your independence and safety through wireless technologies. As of now, however, the Kanega Watch doesn’t have international coverage.
Edward Richard

How do the batteries get recharged?

Top5 Team

This watch uses a pair of CR2 lithium batteries that can’t be recharged but they can easily be replaced

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