The Most Discreet Medical Alert Devices

Ashley Sutphin

Apr 27 2021

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A medical alert system is an important asset to have as we age. You can call for emergency help when you need it, and you can avoid potentially life-threatening situations. With that in mind, we often don’t like reminders of the fact that we are getting older, so wearing an obvious medical alert device might be the last thing we want to do. When we think about medical alert devices, you might think back to the commercials from the 1980s and 90s with the frequently repeated tagline about falling and not being able to get up. Those commercials highlighted what was available at the time—large, obvious devices that were immediately identifiable as medical alert systems.

Not everyone wants an easily identifiable device. This is particularly true if you live in a warm climate, where your clothes are lightweight and wouldn’t go far in hiding it if you were wearing one.

Luckily the designs and also functions of medical alert systems have come a long way since those commercials. Now, many of these devices are designed to not only offer peace of mind and protection but also a discrete and even stylish design.

Why Don’t People Like Wearing a Medical Alert Device?

The last thing any of us want is to feel like we’re weak, frail, or dependent on anyone in our daily lives. That’s why so many people are opting to age in place, meaning they might make adjustments to their lifestyle, but they work to remain independent and in their own homes. It’s a big trend right now, and a lot of companies are helping people modify their homes, so they suit their changing needs as they age.

You may feel, or your loved one might feel that somehow wearing a medical alert device signifies their loss of independence when in reality, the opposite is true.

Wearing a medical device can actually help maintain independence, and you can live your daily life while having just a bit of extra security.

When Should You Consider a Medical Device?

There are a few situations where a medical device can be especially helpful.

  • If you’re a senior who lives alone, again, a medical device can be an integral part of your independence and commitment to aging in place.
  • If you have a history of falls, which is incredibly common, a medical device can be lifesaving. In the U.S., it’s estimated that 1 in 3 adults over the age of 65 falls each year.
  • If you have a mobility issue or problems with balance, a medical alert device can help you stay safe.
  • Your family or loved ones may feel better if you use one.
  • Sometimes medications can have side effects, and they may contribute to the risk of accidents, and a medical alert system can help you in these instances.

The Most Discreet Medical Alert Systems

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about it being obvious that you’re wearing a medical alert watch or necklace anymore, thanks to increasingly discrete and even stylish designs. Plus, wearable devices like Fitbits are so common now that your device will just blend in and look like any other popular wearable technology.

SOS Anywhere

One of our favorite discrete alert systems is the SOS Anywhere. It’s a medical alert wristband that is designed for active living. You can travel and even swim in it. It looks very much like other activity trackers and similar wearable technology. It’s impossible with the sleek and stylish design to tell the SOS Anywhere is anything but perhaps a step or fitness tracker.

The SOS Anywhere is designed specifically for active and even adventurous people. It’s also waterproof, even in saltwater.

You make a one-time payment of $199 for the SOS Anywhere, not including taxes and shipping. Beyond that, there are no maintenance or membership costs.

You don’t pay for any emergency alert service once you buy the device. You press an alert button, then when you do that, everyone on your contact list is alerted about your GPS location.

It has constant monitoring in more than 213 countries, and you don’t need your phone to be nearby for it to work. You can opt to have an emergency service provider receive your alerts.

HandsFree Health

HandsFree Health looks like a smartwatch in the way that it’s designed, yet it offers constant emergency monitoring and coverage whether you’re at home or on the go.

This SmartWatch features 4G LTE, powered by T-Mobile. It features medication reminders, hands-free calling, and reminders about preventative care. It also features 24/7 emergency response. The HandsFree Health smartwatch has the WellBe Virtual Health Assistant, and it will even play news, music, and audiobooks.

The HandsFree Health smartwatch is the future of medical alert devices thanks to its design and capabilities.

With this medical alert watch, you can connect with your loved ones via the hands-free calling feature, and you can also track key health metrics like your blood sugar and blood pressure.

You can buy the smartwatch for $179.95, and then there’s a monthly subscription payment of $35.95. There’s also a smart home speaker available for an additional cost.

Kanega Watch By UnaliWear

The Kanega Watch is designed in the style of popular smartwatches so that again, it’s impossible to tell it’s also a medical alert device. The watch features constant coverage and it doesn’t need to charge so you don’t have to take it off. The watch allows you to connect with a care specialist, and the monitoring system is integrated into the watch, using GPS, Wi-Fi, and LTE technology.

Press a button on the watch to connect to an operator, and feel peace of mind with the automatic fall detector that uses artificial intelligence. The AI that’s built into the watch can identify when you’ve moved in a way that’s not typical, and over time it gets more and more precise based on your data so that it reduces the likelihood of a false alarm the more you wear it.

This smartwatch is waterproof and includes handy features like medical reminders.

The all-in-one device doesn’t require a base or pendant to work and needs no professional installation. You receive your watch with your Wi-Fi information already programmed in, so you take it out of the box and start using it.

The Takeaway

In the past, medical alert pendants and medical alert necklace options could feel stigmatizing, meaning that people were less likely to take advantage of the many benefits they can offer. That’s not the case now. Designs, including medical alert watches, are sleek, stylish, and discrete. They’re designed not only to look good but also to offer you the opportunity to continue your active lifestyle with additional security.

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