HandsFree Health Review

flag Smartwatch medical alert
  • No long-term contracts

  • Medication & appointment reminders

  • Enjoy music, news, audiobooks & more

  • Family caregiver notifications

Pros & Cons

  • Simple voice activation
  • Helps empower people as far as their health
  • Keeps you connected with loved ones
  • Prescription reminders are important to avoid medication mistakes
  • Includes entertainment features
  • Smartwatch is GPS-enabled
  • Only the smartwatch features medical alert monitoring
  • Doesn’t include features like automatic fall detection
  • The speaker won’t work without WiFi

Plans & Pricing

HandsFree Health is unique compared to other medical monitoring and alert systems. You pay initially for the equipment, and then there are two monthly subscription options.

You can buy the WellBe Smart Speaker for $189, and to use it, there’s no monthly subscription. You’ll need Wi-Fi to make use of most of the features, however.

There’s also the WellBe Smartwatch, with a cost of $179.95 for the watch and a monthly monitoring subscription payment of $34.95.

If you want both pieces of equipment, the WellBe Smart Speaker and the WellBe Smartwatch, there’s a reduced device cost of $199.95 and a monthly monitoring price of $44.95.

These are currently the only plan options. Both the WellBe Smartwatch as well as the WellBe Smart Speaker alone can monitor and make calls.

WellBe Smartwatch
WellBe Medical Alert Combo Monitoring


HandsFree Health is a unique voice-activated system that’s focused on managing medical appointments, finding health-related information, and learning more about your health insurance. The WellBe is the actual device from HandsFree Health. There are a WellBe home speaker and a WellBe smartwatch.

You can ask the device anything related to health and insurance and receive an immediate, accurate answer. The platform is HIPAA-compliant, so your privacy is prioritized.

The founder and CEO of HandsFree Health is Mike Cardillo, former president of Aetna. The former CFO of Aetna Health, Dan Messina, is also a founder and president of the HandsFree Health company. HandsFree Health is described as a health advocacy company, and the goal was to ensure consumers stay empowered and engaged as they navigate their personal health.


  • "Price"
    6 /10
  • "Features"
    8 /10
  • "Ease of Use"
    8 /10
  • "Help and Support"
    6 /10

Features and Functionality

The WellBe devices are focused on voice-assistance and home automation, as well as alerts, although monitoring is also an option.


With the WellBe Smart Speaker, along with receiving answers to your health questions, you can track your blood pressure, glucose levels, and your weight. The speaker can also be used to contact emergency services. Your caregiver can download an app so that they can similarly receive those notifications.

Your loved one can receive information about your medication and your doctor’s appointments, so you can both make sure nothing is missed.

The Smartwatch provides 24/7 emergency monitoring. If there’s an emergency, the watch, which is 4G-enabled, can become a two-way communication dispatch with emergency providers. The watch is GPS-enabled so that your exact location is provided.

Additionally, the Smartwatch includes a heart rate monitor.


Both the WellBe Smart Speaker and the Smartwatch provide a variety of health-related alerts so that you can stay empowered and on top of everything related to your health and wellness or that of your loved one.

With the Smart Speaker, alerts include reminders about medication doses and refills. You can set up notifications about all of your medical appointments, and you can enable it so that your caregivers or family have the same information.

Track key health metrics like your blood pressure with the Smart Speaker from HandsFree Health. If your readings need medical attention, the WellBe provides an alert.

With the WellBe Smartwatch, you have a heart rate monitor, and you’ll also receive all of your medication and appointment reminders even when you’re on the go.

You’ll be alerted when it’s time to schedule your annual exams, and you can ask health questions and receive answers from the accurate and curated HandsFree Health library.

With these wireless devices, you can even get updates on your local weather, find out what’s happening in the news, and receive stock updates.

If your insurance company and plan are supported by WellBe, you can add that information and access it any time you have questions, via your devices.

Home Automation

While the HandsFree Health devices and services do have elements of medical monitoring, where they really excel is in their home automation features. The home automation features of the WellBe devices help you stay connected not only to your medical care but also to your loved ones. They’re easy to use and are activated on your Wi-Fi.

There’s an associated app that both you and your caregivers and loved ones can use.

The WellBe Virtual Health Assistant helps you stay on top of everything related to your health, and you can ask questions and receive on-demand answers.

The WellBe Smart Speaker is also an entertainment hub, which is probably one of the biggest standouts from this and other medical alert systems. You can make hands-free calls directly through your speaker, get updates from NPR news, and receive weather forecasts from Accuweather. You can buy and play audiobooks, get information about your pet’s health and find out the latest sports scores.

You can also connect your device to iHeart Radio and Spotify, so you can listen to music.

Ease of Use

When you’re setting up your WellBe devices, they have a Universal Registration system that’s unique to their company. You don’t have to be present to set it up, and you can connect from WiFi remotely. This means that if you aren’t that tech-savvy, your caregiver or loved one can set up your system for you using the WellBe Virtual Assistant app.

Once you’re set-up, all you have to do for voice assistance is to say, “Ok WellBe.”

The WellBe Virtual Assistant app has a simple, user-friendly interface. You can manage your health care information from anywhere and stay connected with your loved ones.

The WellBe has voice recognition technology so that it learns who in the family is asking a question, allowing it to automatically start providing more personalized information.

Overall, it’s a very easy system to use.

Customer support

HandsFree Health offers extensive support options. You can visit the website directly and specifically if you want help with the Speaker, Watch, or App. There are tutorial videos for each so that you can learn how to set the devices up and maximize their use. There is also an extensive frequently-asked question section for each device and the app on the HandsFree Health website.

There’s a chat feature on the website so you can find answers to questions, and you can also submit a support request directly on the HandsFree Health website.

  • Phone Support
    Phone support is available.
  • Live Online Chat
    There is live chat support, but it’s automated so you might not be able to get every answer you need.
  • Email
    There is email support with a response guaranteed with one day.
  • Video Tutorials
    There are extensive video tutorials.
  • FAQ
    There’s also an FAQ section.
  • Blog
    There is a blog with resources and detailed information.

Final Word

The WellBe devices from HandsFree Health represent an interesting new approach to medical monitoring. They keep you connected and help you live independently with voice-based technology and automation.

They also help your loved ones have peace of mind because they can monitor your health and any alerts that you may have as well using the app.

The speaker is easy to use and provides you with access to information as well as the ability to contact emergency services. The Smartwatch looks great and not like a traditional medical monitoring device, but provides you with emergency services access if you need it.

Overall, they’re unique, interesting products that can add value to your life.

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