10 Benefits of a Medical Alert System

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A medical alert system is a device which can be used by anyone but is particularly useful for elderly, disabled, or those suffering from a serious health condition. It provides an alarm which signals, either by pressing a button or automatically, that the user is in a situation that may require urgent attention. Medical alert systems can also be set up to contact a call center staffed by medical experts or to summon emergency personnel to assist.

The best medical alert system offers benefits which can potentially be lifesaving. This is especially true for more vulnerable people who might be unable to contact the emergency services themselves or in cases where an accident leaves the person incapacitated. Having a device that can alert emergency personnel in the event of a fall or serious emergency can greatly reduce the potential negative effects of the accident, and receiving medical care quickly will make a world of difference in improving the recovery, particularly for things like strokes and heart attacks.

Although they are often be seen as being only needed by the elderly, medical alert systems have a variety of uses. As technology progresses, they are becoming even more convenient. The following are some of the many benefits of using medical alert devices.

10 Reasons to Love Medical Alert Devices

love your medical alert

1. Simple to use

Setting up a personal emergency response system may seem daunting or technical at first but you needn’t worry. There is a wide range of systems which are easy to install and even easier to make use of. For instance, the MobileHelp device is rated one of the best medical alert systems for ease of use. It registers itself on the network and allows you to contact emergency responders from a simple press of the button. Some devices will also monitor your activity throughout the day and send an alert when they sense what could be an emergency situation.

2. Allow you to maintain your independence

A medical alert system can be a big help for people who might otherwise need a caregiver or live in nurse to provide around the clock monitoring and assistance in case of an emergency. The fact that you now have a device which can provide you with assistance in the event of an accident means you will be able to feel safe and comfortable even when on your own.

3. Value for money

Using a medical alert system is highly likely to save you money in the long term. It can often remove the need for hiring nurses or mean that going to live in a nursing home isn’t necessary. On top of this, there are many affordable systems that you can purchase for fair and reasonable prices. Therefore, you’ll achieve peace of mind while not breaking the bank. The best medical alert system for value for money is offered by MedicalAlert whose devices provide great protection at prices starting from just $18.29 per month.

4. Fast assistance for any kind of medical emergency

The number one reason for using a medical alert device is, of course, to ensure that you are able to receive quick and effective care should you suffer any kind of accident. The best medical alert system can dial emergency services at the push of a button. Similarly, you can be connected to a health expert who can reassure you and send help if needed. Prompt medical care is important and can make a big difference in your chances of surviving a serious emergency.

5. 24-hour monitoring

Medical alert systems are ready for use in case of an emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. An accident can happen at any time and in any place, so it’s important to know that your device will always be switched on and monitoring you in case of a medical emergency or just to receive reassurance.

6. Location tracking

Newer systems making use of GPS technology can provide loved ones and family members with up to date information about the location of the device wearer. This gives peace of mind to both the user and their family and ensures that help can be sent directly where it is needed. Bay Alarm Medical has a variety of products but their On the Go device has to be the best medical alert system for GPS tracking and ease of use.

medical alert gps

7. Discreet and comfortable to wear

A lot of systems will include a wearable device to allow you to trigger the alarm wherever you are. These devices are usually very small, allowing you to easily carry them around either on your person or in a purse or bag. They are typically designed with comfort and discretion in mind so they can be worn and carried wherever you go without any distraction.

8. Automatic fall detection

There are some situations where an accident could leave you incapacitated and unable to press a medical alert button to call for help. In these cases, a device which has automatic fall detection can still send an emergency response for you without pressing a button. A lot of systems now implement this feature as it can be an important advantage in the event of a serious fall or accident.

9. Great for kids too

medical alert kids

Often parents worry about their children when they’re not at home. A GPS-enabled medical alert system can be set up so that you can keep an eye on your kid’s location. Similarly, some have the ability to instantly connect to you in the event of an emergency. This is a great way to allow your kids greater independence while saving you from worrying.

10. Mobile systems can provide you coverage outside your home

Many of the latest devices now use GPS whilst utilizing a local cellular network. This allows your medical alert system to work even when you are outside. This is a big advantage as it can give you peace of mind that you’ll be able to receive assistance in the event of an emergency when out and about. Many elderly or vulnerable people can feel trapped inside their homes and lose independence as a result. With the best medical alert systems, however, you can feel safe wherever you go.

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