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Modern medical alert systems aren’t just for the terminally ill and feeble anymore. Their benefits extend beyond just the homebound and critically ill. Seniors who are frail or suffer from any number of health conditions can benefit from the protection offered by a medical alert system. This is especially the case if a senior is living on their own or has visitors only sporadically. The last thing you’d want is a medical emergency to occur when there isn’t anyone around to help. That’s where a medical alert system comes in.

MobileHelp and Medical Guardian are two medical alert systems that are suitable for all seniors, especially active seniors. Even a senior who seems as sprightly as they were thirty years ago isn’t immune from accidents. For your own peace of mind and to help active seniors maintain their independence, a medical alert system is a reliable tool to ensure help is always available.

To help you decide what features are best for you or your loved one, consider how MobileHelp and Medical Guardian compare to see if these systems best suit you or your active senior’s needs.

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is a medical alert system that can help keep an active senior protected. Protection extends beyond simply relaxing at home. Medical Guardian also works if you’re taking a walk around the neighborhood or driving to the nearby store. It can provide your loved one with more independence to move around freely with the assurance that help is always available.

Medical Guardian has prices are a bit higher than others in the market, though their feature-rich suite of offerings makes it worthwhile. Furthermore, they have a range of plans and pricing options, from the economical Classic Guardian at a low $29.95/month to the more advanced Active Guardian systems at $49.95/month.

There’s also the Family Guardian plan at $79.95/month that comes with three activity sensors and app support, granting multiple layers of added security. All plans come with 24/7 service through phone, email, and live chat, so you can count on customer service and their monitoring team to be there for you.

Medical Guardian vs. MobileHelp

How Medical Guardian devices work

There are several ways your active senior can be protected by Medical Guardian. Their medical alert systems all come standard with a wrist pendant that has a water-resistant alert button. There’s also a medical alert necklace with an emergency button. There is a further failsafe that can be added on: a fall alert pendant. Should your senior loved one happen to fall, the pendant will automatically sense the fall and send a call for help. This is handy especially if the senior is prone to becoming unconscious, has fainted, or is otherwise unable to press an emergency button. The fall alert pendant is the ultimate failsafe for stay-at-home seniors and active seniors.

For most cases, you can ensure your active senior’s safety by getting a comprehensive medical alert system. Medical Guardian’s best home system is the Home Guardian, which doesn’t rely on a landline in order to properly function. In fact, it can connect wirelessly to a cellular network, keeping your senior linked to the 24/7 monitoring center no matter where they are in their home.

This system affords up to 600 feet of signal coverage from the Home Guardian base station. It also comes with a handy alert wrist pendant and a necklace alert pendant. It’s worth mentioning that the Classic Guardian, which is cheaper than the Home Guardian, does require a landline. However, it has the advantage of a larger range of 1300 ft.

Medical Guardian tries to take into account every situation, including falls in the shower and bath. For this reason, all their pendants are water-resistant. If you purchase the fall pendant add-on, it will help provide yet another layer of security in case a senior falls in the bathroom or elsewhere.

On-the-go solutions for active individuals

Medical Guardian has alarm solutions that can keep an eye on your active senior when they leave the house. Traditional signal bases can be set up in the house to register wrist pendants and life alert necklaces. But when your active senior is one who loves to go places, an on-the-go solution is needed.

Medical Guardian’s Active Guardian or Mobile Guardian plans would be the best on-the-go solution (in addition to a Watch Freedom Guardian) with both GPS and wifi locating technologies. Not only that, but it has the longest battery life of their selection and can connect to Medical Guardian’s medical monitoring center via cellular. While it comes with the classic emergency button, it also comes with a fall detection system in case your active senior is unable to press the button.

If you’re looking for something new, discreet, and highly efficient, the Freedom Guardian is Medical Guardian’s latest addition to their product line. Made for active seniors who are always on the go, this touchscreen watch comes with GPS and wifi positioning. It also has text-to-speech messaging and reminder alerts. You can also look up the weather on this device, so your active senior will know if it’s a good day to take a walk or a drive outside or if it’s best to relax at home for the day.

And for extra added security, if somehow your active senior’s on-the-go medical alert system gets stolen or lost, an additional protection plan that will ensure you won’t have to repurchase the $350 alert system in the event of a loss.


MobileHelp is another manufacturer of medical alert systems that help keep active seniors connected to an emergency response team in the case of medical trouble.  Their price plans are comparable to Medical Guardian, with their Classic option available for $29.95 a month.  Like their counterpart, MobileHelp has a 24/7 support team that can be reached by home, email, and through their MobileHelp System.

MobileHelp has only three plans to choose from the Classic, Solo, and Duo. The Classic plan is their in-home solution that comes with a cellular base station, medication reminders, MobileHelp Connect access, two-way voice and monitoring service, and more. A monthly subscription costs $29.95.

The Solo and Duo plans are MobileHelp’s on-the-go solutions offering GPS. The Solo plan comes with a mobile GPS device along with all of the classic package features. The Duo includes a mobile GPS device and medication reminders along with all the classic package features.

Medical Guardian vs. Mobilehelp

How MobileHelp devices work

MobileHelp has their own set of base stations and mobile devices that help active seniors whether they are relaxing at home or want to take a drive to see a friend.

The Classic is a base station along with a 24-hour monitoring service, and other features like medication reminders. It’s important to note though that the MobileHelp Classic is cellular, while the Medical Guardian Classic uses a landline. The difference here is the cellular range is 600 feet, and landline ranges are around 1300 feet.

MobileHelp also has a Solo package that comes with a mobile GPS device for your active seniors. However, it doesn’t come with medication reminders or the cellular base. If you go for the ultimate Duo package, you get everything the Classic provides along with mobile GPS and medication reminders.

Whichever plan and package you choose, there are also features included such as activity tracking, automated fall detection, and landline-free protection. (Bear in mind that the mobile device has a range of 350 feet, and the Duo and Classic have a range of 600 feet).

For the mobile, busy senior

MobileHelp’s mobile GPS devices provide active seniors with the freedom and independence of going where they’d like. They can move freely with constant protection from MobileHelp. With MobileHelp Connect, a suite of online tools, you can also get non-emergency alerts, system status alerts, emergency alerts, and even do location detection requests. If there is any abnormal activity ever detected, you can receive notifications of that as well, so that you’ll always know if something is amiss and that help might be needed.

In addition, MobileHelp offers a discreet device called MobileHelp Smart, a smartwatch that acts as an all-in-one medical alert system with GPS and cellular connectivity. It includes features such as activity monitoring, heart rate measurement, fitness and diet goal setting, activity history, and a weather app.


Every medical alert system is a little different. But what matters most is the level of protection, security, and mobility they can offer an active senior. Medical Guardian and MobileHelp are both comprehensive medical alert systems that are perfect for seniors who are on-the-go. They each offer a variety of features that make it easy for a senior stay safe and can keep you informed about how and where a senior is. When you choose one of these, know that you’re getting peace of mind and giving your active senior the independence and freedom that he or she deserves.

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